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What do we offer?

Mindful parenting solutions and resources to cultivate resilience and growth mindset in children through toys, books, journals, and apparel. Enable your kids to build meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling lives!


Who is it for? 

Whether you’re a parent, a caregiver, or an educator, we’ve got practical & effective tools for you to help foster a growth mindset & resilience in kids.


Why do we need it?

Resilient kids are children who love challenges, embrace mistakes, and enjoy effort. They become people who are better friends, better siblings, better sons, and daughters - better human beings - who, one day, can become better parents themselves. Resilient kids possess the skills to build meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling lives. 

Let’s make our world a better place by raising resilient kids. 


How it all started?

Back in 2012, after having our first child, we came to realize that we were, literally, in charge of shaping the life of a human being - a human being that one day will become an adult whose decisions, choices, and actions will have an impact on the world. We also wanted our kids to have it all: happiness, confidence, emotional strength, academic success, and social skills. Thus, feeling an enormous responsibility, we embarked on a journey of learning and growth to become better parents. Throughout our journey, we discovered mindful parenting and growth mindset, which taught us that if we focus on building resilience in kids instead, our kiddies would achieve all those nice things that we wanted for them on their own. We realized that when we cultivate resilience in kids, we equip them with the skills and the mindset to help them create meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling lives. However, unable to find many tools and resources for mindful parenting that help parents grow resilient kids with a growth mindset, we decided to create them ourselves. That's how Resilient Kiddie was born. 


What’s next?

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